Do yourself a favor...skip the bedtime stories and tune-in to #Vikings NOW!
  • historyvikingsDo yourself a favor...skip the bedtime stories and tune-in to #Vikings NOW!

  • malayasia1yahoocomLove Floki and his woman. Hate Auslug. Actually the story they are telling is much different then what actually happened with the people that truly existed, once, many years ago. But I'm still team Lagertha for sure. I hate a home wrecker.
  • thorjr2787Sigvard was the princesses father and the slayer of a serpent i don't remember it's name
  • thorjr2787Ragnar was stupid for making lagertha leave over someone who says she's carrying his child the homewrecker needs to go and lagertha needs to come back
  •'s annoying as hell!
  • 1wicked2Really don't like this 'Princess'.
  • seljancuraizliftaI have read .... Ragnar will be thrown snakes :-(
  • paidlikejayI love her better than his first wife
  • huzaimahhussienAslaug telling the kids bedtime stories is the cutest thing tho.... I'm ok with her. She's not too bad.
  • thorjr2787She's a homewrecker she should be thrown in to battle against lagertha
  • sofrock1She will regret being a whore , trust in the gods
  • sofrock1She will reep what she has sown , trust in the gods
  • sofrock1When she dies lagertha will raise the boys
  • heartblackasnightI really Like Aslug, I don't know why people hate her..Ragnar wanted her just like she wanted him, don't punish only her. She's a good mother, smart woman and good wife.
  • anasquenaLagartha is more woman is more brave and intelligent
  • _____boblest_😖😖😖👎👎👎👎👎
  • emilydianahorneIn the actual legend Aslug is Bjorns mother and Ragnar had divorced Lagartha by this time. Aslug was also pretty bad ass.
  • pinna_minnaNaw Lagartha is better for Ragnar...shes more bad ass then Lagartha ✊
  • ajazz13@marc_e_marc_ she gave him "many sons" just like the seer said he would have
  • ajazz13😒
  • ajazz13I dislike her
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