Throwback Thursday. #tbt my older sister and I, when life was simpler.
  • subversivecrossstitchThrowback Thursday. #tbt my older sister and I, when life was simpler.

  • jessee_artschooldropoutThat looks like a big age difference! My youngest sibling is 18 years younger than me. As adults do you guys get along? (Sorry if I'm being nosy, there's just a weird disconnect with my brother since we weren't raised together, and I'm curious)
  • subversivecrossstitch@jessee_artschooldropout 7 kids, she's second and I'm seventh. She's about 15 years older, I think. Funny you should ask, we had a disagreement yesterday. So I guess the answer is no.
  • mcdonnellismThis is gorgeous.
  • hmp23londonThirteen years between me and my eldest brother. We get on really well!
  • subversivecrossstitch@hmp23london my eldest brother and I get along really well. I didn't get to know him until I was in my 40s, though. Kind of a treat!
  • kezzspacSounds like my family! I'm #7 of 8 kids. 18 years difference between oldest and youngest.
  • subversivecrossstitchIsn't it crazy? And all our names begin with the letter "J", including my parents.
  • subversivecrossstitchJoan Jack Jim Jill Joe John Jerry Jeff Julie. Then I married into my "J" last name.
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