• casstawayOkay, I've put my new @dannerboots to the test. As you can see here, they were used in my snowshoeing adventure. I didn't get a photo of them after I was done, but they were covered in snow. And my feet stayed totally perfectly warm. Not even for a second did they ever get cold! I was walking on 8ft of fresh snow at the top of a huge mountain! Danner rules. Nuff said. Can't thank them enough for sending me a pair for my Oregon journey. 🙏

  • andrewjasonleungExcellente
  • bronzeantlerjosephorSince I'm in Portland today I just might have to stop by @dannerboots and check them out.
  • casstaway@bronzeantlerjosephor you must!!!! I wish I could stop by there and personally thank them!!! Have FUN!
  • moongalleryNow those are boots.
  • judiaannSerious boots with serious style. @dannerboots.
  • msrachachaAre they waterproof or at least did they retain the moisture?? I would love a pair for hiking this winter!
  • casstaway@msrachacha yes! My feet didn't get wet at all! They stayed cozy and warm the entire time. I highly recommend
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