We’re bringing the #FinalFour to #Dallas this weekend. Please be careful where you park!
  • attWe’re bringing the #FinalFour to #Dallas this weekend. Please be careful where you park!

  • greatness_01At&T bringing the Final Four and Family Plans!!! @att #FinalFour #Dallas #FamilyShare #At&T
  • theonecrystalHaha! That's too funny. Great #ad! #Moment #Marketing win by @att!
  • sosophistik8edSo glad I belong to this company!
  • adarelis_eCannot believe how and ATT employee scammed me and changed my account into ATT NEXT without my authorization. I called manager to complain and manager CONFIRMED I was scammed. I was informed that ATT is taking legal actions against employees. Employee also conned my husband's phone which manager also confirmed!! The response and "help" I got was a sorry about this incident but unfortunately there is nothing we can do!! Thanks for nothing ATT. I was abused by your own employees and nothing is being done to help me. Leaving this company ASAP!
  • amy.theunicorn@adarelis_e if you noticed the change within 14 days you could have called customer service and switched back to the old program. If you got new phones you would just return them at a corporate store and have them call into customer service to put you back the way you were. If you waited too long there isn't much else they can do. I tell my customer's to be proactive about their accounts and service. It's like buying a car. If they did it truly without your authorization, a supervisor can fix that but it needs to be done in a timely fashion. Sorry this has happened to you. Next program is actually a cheaper program in the long run. It saves you money on upgrade fees and phones... Plus no contract! With the two year agreements you tend to pay over 100 dollars more at the end of the day. Most people understand that these are expensive phones and with the 2 year agreement you are basically subsidized and with the next program you just pay what the phone is worth.
  • adarelis_e@aimsjay thank you. Can you actually believe that the employee pocketed our phones? There is nothing for me to return..lol I even told that employee I didnt go to the store for phones. When I got the bill I noticed what happened. The assistant manager even told me those employees were terminated by att and legal actions is taken against them. Even with that said I am not being helped. And @att something has to be done with my account. I was taken advantage of and its NOT FAIR!
  • amy.theunicorn@adarelis_e did that manager contact customer service the moment you realized it...? That assistant manager should have put in your account notes exactly what happened so that they can call in and get you back to normal. Also you should have received a text message or account message notifying you of changes on your account. If they are taking legal action, it shouldn't be a problem getting you back to normal. Was is a corporate store or a authorize dealer?
  • amy.theunicorn@adarelis_e I would stay on it and have that assistant manager talk with customer service with you in the store about what happened.
  • adarelis_e@aimsjay it was a corporate store. I even spoke with a regional manager. I told them exactly what happened. They said oh yes we are aware of the situation. This is not the first time that this employee did this and thats why he is no longer with the company. I dont understand that if he admits that this has happened to other customers why is it so hard to fix my account. I cannot be responsible to pay for someones actions.
  • att@adarelis_e We're sorry to hear about this experience, and we see you're being assisted by Annelle M. on Twitter.
  • ryan1199Crush Walter White's car😩
  • kidclutch669😂😂😂 @ryan1199
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