That moment you realize you just responded to the wrong text... #BeenThere
  • tmobileThat moment you realize you just responded to the wrong text... #BeenThere

  • alexertmann100That's what happens to me a lot... @tmobile
  • israel.dimas@ivandimas Haha what I did
  • freddygferrerBeen there as well. Even worse when you send it to the wrong person #lol @tmobile
  • gq_jazzI LOVE T-mobile in Memphis
  • michaelrzHaha use tiger text and u can recall it
  • apparatusmagWell played @tmobile
  • ellexgee↑ lol!!!!!
  • j00gknightDont take away corporate discounts from people who live in wa state... @tmobile
  • nickmyster86Lol
  • santiana88Looks like Anthony @shadylatina @benthekidsanti @_antrychlik_7
  • luke.vibinCorporate discounts should not go away. Cumulatively corporate workers are just a fraction of tmobile users, so it would not be saving you anything. And how hard is it to maintain such discount program on such small number of users in 2014, the era of technology? Cant be that hard. To me personally it is an incentive on top of already great plaans to dump att sprint etc I already am on a plan with corporate discount so mine is not going away, just throwing in few cents. Just hoping the network speeds will improve even further, especially in CT cuz im here :P
  • subiegoCorp discounts are not going away.. Anyone who had the discount prior to 3/31 is keeping it.
  • tashac1975Did that. LOL
  • tmobile@freshprince_jazz We love you too!
  • tmobileAs America's Un-carrier we're never going to stop listening and these last few days, we’ve heard you! Customers enrolled in the Advantage Program (or who applied to enroll) before April 1st will be able to keep their rate plan discount.
  • deleonmaria15which phone is better , galaxy note 3 or galaxy 5 ??? @tmobile
  • hatimoaNote 3
  • looissmoanyayIf I have an iPhone 5s that I got in January and I wanted to trade it in for a galaxy s5 on the 11th, how would that work with the Jump plan?
  • tmobile@_lou_mo We've simplified the JUMP! by waiving the initial 6-month wait period & limit of 2 upgrades per year. No minimum waiting period to upgrade your device! T-Mobile will pay off your remaining EIP balance up to half of your original device purchase price. No limits to the number of times you can upgrade.
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