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  • hermanmiller7. Shock mounts are applied to the base of the shell
    The base of every shell is systematically cleaned in order to adhere the shock mounts most effectively. Adhesive is applied to each shock mount by a machine, and a tray carrying the newly cleaned shell is set down on the shock mounts. The shells are then set to cure on a pressurized drying rack for two days. #shellshorts #shellspotting #WHYHM

  • yasmeen_mI really appreciate these videos 😊 it's interesting seeing the processes
  • veganikkiThis is all so cool, these videos are fantastic!!
  • kearneypeterj@kearnden I don't think your method was as fool proof, was it?
  • kearndenExactly the same.
  • adrianrubidentzelI love all of these videos, and the shells, and the nod to the original Eames film about these chairs, but why in earth do you need a robot to squirt the glue?
  • bravabravo💫✨T H E F U T U R E✨💫@doctorpelican 😘
  • adrianrubidentzel@bravabravo fair enough, but if that guy can move the assemblage from one machine bed to another, he may as we'll apply the glue and eliminate the entire need for the squirt robot
  • razdwatrzyI really appreciate these videos too!
  • jadamcallI bet the robot measures the glue
  • umarshahzad@doctorpelican actually, he does apply the glue. It's just out of frame, but you can catch a bit of his hand moving the glue dispenser around.
  • cbI had no idea that the shock mounts were glued to the shell!
  • adrianrubidentzel@umarshahzad thanks, I feel better about it now
  • vandergeest_@hptrrfs
  • cwwaiLove all the video❤️
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