Just got a finger tattoo before work :) #cattattoo #fingertattoo #tinytattoo
  • me_sineadJust got a finger tattoo before work :) #cattattoo #fingertattoo #tinytattoo

  • me_sinead@sineadtanjn if you read the above messages I have mentioned where to get them. Aw thank you so much Hun, great name btw :p xx
  • sineadtanjn@sinaynay86 yes, sorry bout that! :) i did see your comment about the ring on the left having been bought on ebay - i meant to say that i wish i knew where to find similar rings in my country or elsewhere online since i don't use ebay! thank you and hope you have a marvellous week! :D :) x
  • daysarmento@samalves_ olhaaaa que delicado!!! Sua caraaaa!!! :)
  • me_sinead@sineadtanjn that's ok no need to be sorry :) well I'm in UK and got it shipped to me you might be able to get it shipped to you :) xx
  • tatty_alvares@marcelab_silva um diase vc for fazer outra tatto, acho q essa combinaria e muito com vc!
  • marcelab_silvaOwnnnnnn adoreiii @tatty_alvares vou colocar na minha lista de tattoos ❤️
  • samalves_Ohhh @daysarmento liinda demais! Já pensei em fazer alguma tattoo de gato! :D Essa é linda.. ;)
  • felty13@emilystrouth
  • cannabishplzAh, I have that same unicorn ring! It's one of my favorites. Looks lovely on you too!☺️ @sinaynay86
  • me_sinead@mel_is_lifted Aww thanks Hun, yeah I love that ring so much. You obviously have great taste :p x
  • mk_femmelove rings!
  • hrand0lph@kara.blume
  • ashleyboosh@valster1979 cute tattoo
  • valster1979@ashleyboosh is soooo cute!
  • me_sinead@valster1979 @ashleyboosh thanks girlies 😃 x
  • hwiest@alimarie553
  • xanax__partyHey, okay, so this is kinda weird but first; I'm not a robot lol. Let's just get that out of the way. But I was on Pinterest looking at small tattoo idea and I found this picture! But I noticed that you and I have the same ring, the one with the unicorn and the bird. Where did you get it? My friends mom found mine in a lake, and they aren't exactly the same but pretty close. Also mine has been engraved on the back, does you have something written on it?
  • me_sinead@okg__ hey Hun aw thanks. I got it as a gift so no idea where it's from but I will try to find out and let you know x 😀
  • xanax__partythe same ring, only the colors are switched! How cool is that?! Glad to know two bad ass bitches have them :) I feel like we should be friends 😜
  • me_sinead@okg__ that's so cool! I have never seen anyone with that kind of ring before! Yes we should. I'll add you now Hun x😝
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