Phoenix hangin tough in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All love
  • portugalthemanPhoenix hangin tough in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All love

  • avatuttWhat hotel are you? D: I want meet you all
  • thefantasticthe👍👍👍👍👍
  • suffer_rosaNevermind the sound, I love you =)
  • fred_d_brown@msbjr
  • theodore_smykYeezus
  • gubird🙌
  • miliwallI really hope you liked playing for us, despite the sound! I'm so in love with your music. Please come back soon!
  • matfosterisdeadYou were fucking amazing, please come back !
  • twentyyonepilotss@twentyonepilots this one too
  • spaceman_AMAZING!
  • helloconiePlease come back, don't hate us beacause of the sound problems. We ♡ you
  • starshowermotionpésimo el sonido. amateurs
  • tortugoWorst sound engineer in the whole festival. Hope you fire him.
  • andre_4000Yo @portugaltheman, you guys hanging with Phoenix? Tell them I said what's up! They recorded at oscope
  • portugaltheman@tortugo you can blame the local crew for not allowing us enough time to help them fix their shit. They were unorganized and labeled incorrectly. We played fine.
  • tortugoI know you guys played fine. I first saw you at coachella 13. It blew my mind. Thats why i was really looking forward for this show at my home town and thats why im so frustrated. Hope u guys come back soon!
  • _blackthumbnail@portugaltheman I was so frustrated for you all, and that we couldn't do nothing about the sound issue, curves our nerves, but when this kind of thing happens you just have to go on, and you definitely do that, and rock it all! I'm so so in love with your music, that I'm wishing with all my heart, that you comeback soon to Argentina, your music blows my mind and I need a longer show, with all the magic that you bring on it! Kisses :)
  • letigre88love this!
  • elektogarciaNice
  • madrigal.recordsPurple
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