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  • beaducationWe're testing out a small drill press to see if it's something we should carry in our online shop. We like to test things to the limits. What do you think? Is it something you'd use -an exciting addition to your work bench? #beaducationTools

  • pineapplebby❤️ lovin that look
  • melliemelPretty cool!
  • manoymetal_shopVery cool!!!
  • luluvisionThat would be a cool way to embroider some metal!
  • taylorsaleemIt would make my life a lot easier.
  • lnksnapsI love it, now that I see this cool vid I know we HAVE to order it...and I didn't even have to leave my chair!
  • foster_and_maloneI've got one and I use it all the time. Also good for gypsy/flush setting stones.
  • yayjewelryI love my drill press saves hand strain.
  • weezbird62yes
  • yinyang_leeDefinitely!
  • siennagracegemsYes
  • love_lizrYes I have one!! It's awesome!
  • decooper72Yes. . I will
  • alicialong_You guys should use it to make wood letter set blocks. I would totally buy those 😊
  • rennadavisHow big is it?
  • shimaa119I think the problem will be its size..nothin can do the same job but consume less space?
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