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  • hermanmiller#2. Preforms are removed from the CNC machine and inspected
    To create preforms for the new Shell Chairs, a β€œdry binder process” is used as opposed to the β€œwet process” used in conventional fiberglass production. In a β€œdry binder process”, fiberglass strands, some of which melt at a lower temperature, are blown by a CNC machine onto a screen in the shape of a shell; a vacuum ensures that loose particles are contained instead of being blown into the air and captured by the β€œwet glue”, like they are in conventional manufacturing. Heat is then applied and enough strands melt so that the preform’s shape remains. It is only at this point that human hands touch the preform, and all that’s needed to be done is an inspection of the preform on a light table and some trimming and scraping of the preform edges with a knife. #shellshorts #shellspotting #WHYHM

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  • grigoryancreativeI would love to see this step by step with the new molded wood shell chairs.
  • amonsterchildNice teaser of the production process!
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