Well, someone broke into my car. :-( sad. Sad that people have to go to this extent...
  • karina_smirnoffWell, someone broke into my car. :-( sad. Sad that people have to go to this extent...

  • hurd731Not good! What is wrong with people?
  • bentley_familyThe worst is the violation feeling
  • dinduck96That is horrible!
  • divinenateeeeStupid people! Ayayay
  • dancinlisabSo sorry. The ugly side of people. Hope they did not do too much damage.
  • 2cam16👎👎
  • its_ari_duhhOh no! Smdh... What goes around, comes around.
  • dallasalburyWow, again? @karina_smirnoff hope you didn't have anything inmportant in there! So sorry to hear this!
  • sashclementsNo :(
  • rann0ucheIt is only a window. The important thing is you are OK
  • angelasanmartinI have had this happen to me. I didn't realize my passenger side window was busted until I got in my car & started it up. It freaked me out bc my first thought was oh no please do not let someone still be inside my car hiding. My coat was taken (which was fine if they needed it more than I did) but all my cd's were left. I suppose they didn't approve of my taste in music....... I am sorry someone did this to you, it's an awful & scary feeling.
  • patythomsonOMG .... Sorry to hear this 😱. The main thing is that you are ok .... Be safe @karina_smirnoff !! 💕
  • jonnai.howardyikes people are so crazy
  • jess_cramerSorry to hear that some time people can do so crazy thing just know that something bad will come back to them for doing that @karina_smirnoff
  • motivation_1517OMG that's horrible ! I hope you're okay and that everything god willing will be returned to you
  • faithjakoSo sorry to hear. I have had that happen also. Terrible how mean people are. Just glad you are ok? Where was your dog? Lol
  • casey.ryann_Ooooooo my gods sorry was anything stolen???
  • liljoannSo sorry! Don't worry, Karma's a bitch and every dog has it's day! What matters is that your safe! 😘 @karina_smirnoff
  • serenaantoinetteThat's horrible, just as long as your safe.
  • alluragaris:/ hope you're okay
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