Someone's gonna get hurt.
  • nomnompaleoSomeone's gonna get hurt.

  • yamboni@nomnompaleo ruh roh! 😳
  • beyourselfwellnessThat is some nice photo work! I can never get awesome action shots of my son like that, I'm too slow! :)
  • jodiodeeoMmmmm Cambria! Heading to Solvang next?
  • amberdanelleKeep posting! You are now in my homeland.... and I am very homesick. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • claireknightlyStop in Cayucos on your way down the coast!! Great beach town!
  • betsysol@nomnompaleo are you planing to stop in San Luis obispo? Or morro bay??
  • m3k1llerAre you going to be in slo @nomnompaleo 😁
  • refinenfrolicSow's Ear!!
  • crossfitmomffittI'm in San Luis Obispo and would love to meet you and get your book. Did you hear Whole Foods is buying out the New Frontiers store in SLO? Maybe you can come back for the Grand Opening. I would love to see a Paleo bar there. Yumm! 😋
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