I expected these to be sweet but they're kind of bitter. Does anyone eat these? How do you use them?  #navitas
  • skinnytasteI expected these to be sweet but they're kind of bitter. Does anyone eat these? How do you use them? #navitas

  • skinnytaste@mytravelboektje going to try that
  • muchohuchothey are bitter,bought some in Hawaii, grind them add with coffee or add a bit to cookies and brownies, more if a novelty to me but supposedly nutrutious
  • tn_616A few on top of chia pudding, or into a trailmix
  • reneasieglI bought the same bag. I used it once. I stored it in the freezer and 6months later threw it out!
  • nikki_g0479I put them in plain Greek yogurt , add raspberries and Stevia
  • bobie78Smoothies!
  • chic_boston_mamaSmoothies and healthy cookies!
  • tanisiamishelleYummy!!!
  • marytere85I was wondering the same thing I bet you can make a delicious mole sauce!! 😋😋😋
  • fooduzzi@vitaminshoppe just sent a magazine with an article called, "5 Ways to Enjoy Cacao Nibs." Their suggestions: candy (with honey and coconut oil), smoothies, mole, pancakes (with pecans), and pudding (with coconut milk, vanilla, honey, and cornstarch)!
  • markakasocks@skinnytaste Navitas does Sweet Cacao Nibs as well. Check their website @navitasnaturals.com
  • debbieinshapeThese are my favorites cacao nibs, @skinnytaste ! I really love them!
  • aggieskitchenThey are very bitter on their own, I've been putting them in yogurt as a crunchy topping, much better. I added them to granola too
  • dancingveggistaI love them on chia pudding or oatmeal!
  • zoebrdley@skinnytaste I had something similar (cocoa nibs from brazil) I like to mill them to a powder as I don't like the texture of them. Powder mixes with everything (oatmeal, cookies, smoothies, yogurt) and you get the fruity chocolatey taste - yum x
  • mega_keenAdd to chocolate chip cookies or granola for a delicious nutty crunch.
  • angiebaby424They're completely raw so they're SOOO bitter. I was taken aback too. I add them in my oatmeal. So healthy
  • just.angeI use these in my banana oat cookies. Just love them!
  • mjackal1@mberns
  • jojosk72I sprinkle a tablespoon on yogurt with granola. I like them.
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