Depressing #oldnyc#gentrification
  • neststoreDepressing #oldnyc#gentrification

  • artistwandering👎
  • feltdivineSo much history here @neststore
  • monkeyvenom7Thats "progress" for you....
  • monkeyvenom7Although in some ways, it's a good thing. Art always reinvents itself and if the status quo is maintained, things can go stale. "It's better to burn out than to fade away"
  • jmmantel@monkeyvenom7 no this is not good
  • shannonsouthIt's heartbreaking. More & more old school, independently owned businesses are closing due to high rents - nyc is becoming a sterile shopping mall and losing all of its character. At least we have Brooklyn - for now.
  • bettinamicheliThe alternativ was to knock it down completely. At least Varvatos keep it up and mantained some of is hostoric memorabilias. The place lives on, somehow. Trump would have build a highrise 😡
  • sistas_jewelryNo way not CBGB!
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