If it wasn't for these beautiful women driving me to the hospital I wouldn't have made it, thank you auntie GENEVA , Jannine , Rita!!! I LOVE YALL!!!!
  • iambenzinoIf it wasn't for these beautiful women driving me to the hospital I wouldn't have made it, thank you auntie GENEVA , Jannine , Rita!!! I LOVE YALL!!!!

  • ladiiphreshLol dude who can understand what you just wrote....spell check? Grammar? You just need to go back to pre-k and start all over....and got the nerve to be talking ish 😂 I pray somebody else writes out your obituary and gravestone because lord your sound......special
  • misrabornYour mom and God had you that day ... wish you a speedy recovery @iambenzino
  • j_e_m_m_09God Bless them all :)
  • xoxstef2xox@fullyfocused_56
  • dj1112nov@iambenzino Way to be strong bruh, it will only make u stronger.
  • malonni99Glade u ok Raydog
  • peedimakk@maria_mya_holland I see u
  • ant_hurt67Weak
  • shaythe_god🙏🙏
  • serinawarrenU got shot in the arm with NON-LIFE threatening wounds. U would of made it pimp.
  • aven_mommyA bullet can travel my son father nephew died from a gun shot to the arm the bullet traveled to his heart and killed his so all these comments about u just got shot in the arm there is no safe place to get shot
  • bbrownskinndudeI agree especially if it's a flock. Or hydro bullet it bounces around like a Ping pong
  • bbrownskinndudeI mean glock
  • deannamussingtonLearn to spell first before you come on people's page ranting utter nonsense..... Here, I'll give you the time of day, since you need attention.. let me help you... (Going to, hear, put it between but and should, your, which, stand) @delroyhollis and you have SXM in your name? Lol lol boy what a shame to be from sxm and talking like that smh disgrace... @ladiiphresh lol thank you! It's ridiculous how people just talk because they can and have no life. Let it had to be his daughter, mother or sister. He's already ignorant... So let it had to happen to them, silly and small minded... Y'all need to grow out of that small island mindset and travel the world, see what it's like out there... You haven't seen anything as yet boy....Smh anyway.. We are glad that you're safe... Continue to thank God for your lovely aunts and protecting you. It wasn't your time to go... Always remember no weapon formed against you shall prosper.❤️
  • delroyhollis@deannamussington u need to have a seat go sit some where who ever send u tell them u ain't see me, baby girl go some place
  • djtonyt1200A bullet can travel....My friend just recently passed from a bullet that was near the spine in 1998 and they were too afraid to move it....He passed away last week.....Bullet tapped into the spine....14 1/2 years later. I've been shot before....In my hamstring JUST missing a main artery.....Bullets are serious and can travel. ...REAL TALK. Never minimize anyone's tragedy....because you don't want people to do it to you.
  • embracechange_Much love!
  • 305_dagod✔️
  • __kmarie247Look at Mya !! Small world ;)
  • toniicardozaThis is MY family!!! I'm so confused!
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