Finished rehearsal 2day & kicked it wit my boo @tonydovolani & his last season partner the fabulous @leahremini love u guys 4 holding me down💋 #dwts #vote 800-868-3401
  • neneleakesFinished rehearsal 2day & kicked it wit my boo @tonydovolani & his last season partner the fabulous @leahremini love u guys 4 holding me down💋 #dwts #vote 800-868-3401

  • mariachiquita_@leahremini I love u
  • elainesilvahbicNee nee keep your head up!your great !!!!! N hey leah ! Love u too hlad yall r all hanging out together
  • igobysteph_Can only respect your hustle @neneleakes !!!!! Keep doing you!!!
  • ggsbabyNene you look fabulous, keep doing you. Why can't people just respect our honesty for speaking our with is what it is!!!
  • chocolateangelboutique@neneleakes WE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR STYLE
  • phibetasigmawifeWe'll said@youkonmom57
  • thankyou_merci23i love u nene
  • gemim1231Nene. Get that hair together!' PLEASE
  • inbetweenmyazzlove u but do u really need to destroy ur friendship with peter, and cythia @neneleakes right is right wrong is wrong
  • smallthang2agiant960@neneleakes u wrong!!!!!! You wasn't there to see the whole thing from the start gregg is the bitch what grown man is gonna hold in his feeling for that long then wanna wait til yall in mexico and start drinkin then soon as he feeling like superman from the liquor wanna go off on peter about somethin from awhile back that he shouldve been.... gotten off his chest that my dear is a sucka attack where I'm from ask gregg does he whip after he pisses? Lol you gone get your issue one of these days talking to grown men like you a man you better fall back ijs... DOBETTER
  • smallthang2agiant960And ps if u can't control nae nae then u need to tell that bi polar ass bitch to, make a doc. Appt. And get some much needed meds! Don't make no damn sense! @neneleakes your too old for that foolishness on national television!
  • makadanteI love u @neneleakes although sometimes i worry about u being so defensive & disrespectful...u cant downgrade urself like dat with all da blessing God has given u,all da best on DWTS#2014
  • tashae405Believe n u n me..good job, NeNe n Tony
  • phillipjpierceLoving the Birkin 40
  • tika_ybz@neneleakes hey nene I so love you can I plz have that Bag I love it
  • 754ladybug78I was thinking the same way I wanted to comment but u said everything yukonmom57
  • xox.reagan_I am not voting for u today u barely did anything the guy did most of the work all u did was just the basic stuff that my grandma do
  • xox.reagan_And u got a high point then the skater and he's professional all u do is just sit around a table and gossip
  • itskyyyyy_@kandiburrus
  • itskyyyyy_@kandiburruss
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