If you're much larger than him he's a pet. If you're much smaller than him he's a monster. #nature
  • joeroganIf you're much larger than him he's a pet. If you're much smaller than him he's a monster. #nature

  • arenofskyCheck out @warpedcanvas, Joe! I think you'll really like his art. Especially his last two pieces he posted :)
  • missy_nessBeast mode.
  • mollywog87@joeroganexperience I actually caught myself wondering last night if Joe had posted any more photos of his cat on Instagram. He did.
  • nevys_dadI think this cat is an Egyptian mow, (not sure on spelling). The only cat they can trace linniage back to the ancient pharos. @joeroganexperience ..i think
  • misfitmanKeep it up joe rogan. It's been a powerful few months podcast wise and I thank you and your friends
  • michaelmalboneSometimes I even get the feeling that my being much bigger than my cat is even a false sense of security. Haven't you ever seen them jump from the ground up to the top of the refrigerator? That means they could execute us if they wanted to. Maybe we just provide them with some kind of sick entertainment. Maybe we are their pets.
  • darkmatter21Joe thanx for creating your podcast Bro..... I feel so well informed and relaxed when someone like you breaks things down in such a cool way. Im not very smart and have low self-esteem issues so whenever i hear you and your guest....its just one Bullet a day away from killing myself. Please keep up the podcast and don't ever change - T Len
  • iskyleupdotcomDid you see that new elephant turns on trainers video? So sad, they need to stop containing these animals . Kills trainer and almost other elephants.
  • being.jarelis@thegodof_happy isn't he the BEST!!!! I appreciate him!
  • prospecs_mcsq_b18@homieofbuddah wtf are you talking about, ladies and gentlemen crack kills, and even turns pix of cats into completely obsurd arguments
  • consciousnessgeneralFollow back for epic videos of my kittens
  • consciousnessgeneralAnd for the revolution 👊
  • consciousnessgeneralMuch love my conscious brother
  • _b.tchyou'll love these eyes @slworking
  • stellina____True! My cat loves to kill
  • beccabarber1Aww I love his eyes!
  • evo_viii_@evoashh
  • evoashh@bert797 the only eyes scarier than Rome's.
  • savagecatfood😼🐆🐈
  • t.con_@nadiakeynejad like woah
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