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  • mapleleafsVideo: Tonight's game will be on CCTV in China. A look at the rinkboards. #TMLtalk #Leafs

  • bkfullest@christiancarey1980 agree, don't give up on kadri, Carlyle has been singling him out and pickin on this kids confidence all season, Randy's a jackass. If kadri bails it will be like watching steen return and do circles around us. Randy screws with Lupul too. This is coaching and bad players together who don't know defence coverage 101
  • ______cat_______Happy birthday David Clarkson
  • kyleryanI hate you, you'll never be good #leaffan #neveragian
  • ice_edits92Happy B-day Clarkson
  • pavelxbureBLOW LEAFS BLOW
  • rsldesignLol leafs suck ohh don't mean to embares you leafs fans but remember when the bruins came back from ohh idk a 4-1 lead the leafs had but the bruins came back ha ha lol you're hockey club sucks
  • chris.ghokasianLeaf fucking suck
  • stefan.gerardi@benpotthoff lol how come all detroit fans r leaf haters?! Remember January 1st? 😂🚨
  • benpotthoff@philkessel81 wow 1 game won in a shootout! What else to you got to show for this season?!? lol remember the. Other three times we've played you guys? Oh yeh we won all of them. 8! (L)osers (E)ven (A)fter (F)orty (S)easons 🐙🐙🐙🚨🚨🚨😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • stefan.gerardi@benpotthoff I'm not crying first of all, wings fans have to make up pathetic shit about the leafs… so how bout u go on the @detroitredwings page and talk to retards like u 😊 thank u gtfo… hoe
  • benpotthoff@philkessel81 atleast were good!
  • stefan.gerardi@benpotthoff lol ur funny... Commenting on my pictures.. #wingssuck
  • avi_iv哈,全是中英雙語廣告。
  • benpotthoff@dlandis atleast we've made the playoffs 23 years in a row dip shit, hows the golfing? Most of our players are in the world championships or in rehab for injuries not golfing. You cant talk at all
  • benpotthoff@dlandis Our team didnt boo is the whole season. Our fans didn't say fuck you when we got eliminated. "Loyal" my ass. Fuck off your not worth my time
  • benpotthoff@dlandis thats a damn lie
  • benpotthoff@dlandis I'm not your bud. You're 12 and have no room to talk shit or talk anything
  • adam_lanham69@benpotthoff red wings suck
  • adam_lanham69@dlandis hahaha he thinks the wings have a better fan base? Lol
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