Tonight's game will be shown on CCTV in China! Go Leafs Go! #TMLtalk #Leafs 
  • mapleleafsTonight's game will be shown on CCTV in China! Go Leafs Go! #TMLtalk #Leafs

  • ______cat_______Hay for all you people that are no longer leaf fans from last night then you are not true fans... Stay true to your team win or loose
  • nimrit18sWell said @angtet11
  • hrdazz68@angtet11
  • hrdazz68Stay true to my team. Give it a break. They are playin pathetic hockey and the big money boys don't care. I'd rather watch junior C hockey with teams that actually give a Damn. You talk like you have been a fan since 67. Buy up some seasons tickets and keep supporting that over paid group of hacks.
  • steven_fg2I think fans have stayed true long enough. A franchise like this shouldn't be a mediocre team every season. This core of players can't get it done and won't ever get it done. Enough is enough with the mediocre hockey are sick of this shit and the organizations is becoming a joke
  • hrdazz68Well said.
  • hrdazz68Would be nice if the Leafs organization actually read this and gave a shit about the fans, for more than the money!!
  • kookie7007This team is a fuckin Joke!!! Highest money grossing team and can't even make the playoffs. It's funny how at the beginning of this season they actually had the nerve to raise ticket prices. Won't be surprised if it happens again next season. There are so many changes that need to happen to this organization in order for us to become a Tru contender. In not gonna blame phaneuffs but he is a shit captain and deserves to be stripped of the C at the end of this season. Changes need to be made!!!
  • nick_fusco13I hope you idiots realize ever since you sent down peter holland you guys have been doing shit. Nobody can fucking score anymore and you guys blew it once again. You have do much money and you don't spend one fucking cent of it. Every team that spends their money get good players and good coaches that put a system in play where they don't allow 40 shots a game... Spend your money or this is gonna happen every year. Oh and get rid of phaneuf please
  • nick_fusco13The good teams win games when it's most important. The leafs lose games when there most important that's 8 in a row people
  • jstnlp_bk2The humiliation is now international lol
  • jhorns42Language little boy!
  • robbiestevens_Do you think they lose on purpose nick?
  • josh.bearglol
  • summer5218687thanks 谢谢
  • reese.vb16N
  • reese.vb16No go red wings go @torontomapleleafs
  • jacobniffinGood call @adamscon
  • a_mutuchky11I was there
  • pengling_開心,第一次看直播
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