• cycleboredomWarm enough this AM for something other than wool socks. @theathletic get the call today. #whatimriding

  • sgockaFirst day in months I left the SmartWool at home!
  • cycleboredom@sgocka Yep.
  • kennyspaghetti@cycleboredom Fun fact: The design on those socks is well known and famous, for it is found on the wall to wall carpet at Portland International Airport in Portland, OR. One of the civil engineers who created that design was recently laid to rest last week in Arlington National Cemetery, and I had the privilege of meeting and assisting his family through his service. The family had a 3x3 square cut out of the actual carpet with them. They placed it in his urn before being interred in the columbarium. Pretty good stuff!
  • cycleboredom@kennyfsa Awesome! I knew it was the carpet for PDX, but hadn't heard the rest! Very cool.
  • abbieredmon@fauxriehl 👀 your airport?
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