• cloudy_duarteI love you too
  • cyn8286@jhalloran ...they love me!
  • usps44@rhv089 #wethankyou
  • alupianiMy package arrived two service days earlier than USPS's website estimated; that's what I call worth every penny!
  • mln24I LOVE YOU TOO!!
  • haycia0328We do ! If they only knew this!
  • gidonka1We ❤️U 2 USPS!
  • jp.krause#teamfedex
  • mervins81If you did treat the packages with care!!!! Instead i get 7 art prints all fucking bent corners. Mailman Might as well you should wiped his Ass with my prints. Cant wait till the post system goes bankrupt and all you dickheads would be out of jobs and realized you should of done a better job. Im mean thats whats taxes, and stamps pay for. Why cant you people do your job with pride and dignity.
  • sarahchoe__@michellekanggg
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