#Fbf Harpers Bazaar cover 2010! I loved this shoot 💋
  • cherylofficial#Fbf Harpers Bazaar cover 2010! I loved this shoot 💋

  • usa_cheryl_fanBoo, I'm watching Access All Areas again!!! I came from Florida to see u & there is a clip of me n it!!!! Sqeeeee!!!!😎😎😎😍😍😍
  • emily_cheryls_soldierCheryl it's my 18th Birthday in 13 Days so it's a very special day to me and my family and as you already know I absoloutley adore the life of you😂 honestly it would mean everything to me if I could have an early birthday wish babe! I'd be the happiest soldier alive🙏💖 @ladyccole 💂💖
  • miyagi4qJust Another Illuminati!!
  • cheryl.ann.tweedyYou make me soooo happy chez soldier and proud xxxxxxxx
  • emily_cheryls_soldierHeya wore Chezzaaaaaa😉 haha sorry just had to do that🙈😂 it's my BIG 18th birthday in just 3 Days!! OMG haha and I've been praying and wishing and hoping that you'd send me an early birthday wish😩😘 like literally praying haha🙏 somedays I think you don't see any of my messages👎 but if you do it would be my life completed in just one day😩😘 sorry for such a paragraph just so anxious😳😩 I've been asking for weeks now and now it's getting closer I'm getting more nervous that you won't do it😰😂 anyways love you gorg x😘 @ladyccole
  • usa_cheryl_fan@ladyccole I wonder if you're ever amazed at everything you've accomplished?? You're living your dream Cheryl Ann Cole!! You're such an amazing, accomplished singer & performer. You've been able to give and do so much for charities around the world. You type one word on Twitter and it goes out to almost 5 million followers. You've helped & changed the lives of so many--particularly young women. You've literally saved lives! What greater contribution can someone make? AND last but not least you have all of us! Your crazy, loyal, insane, devoted for life soldiers who will lay the smack down on ANYONE who hurts our Chezza! I didn't mean to make this so long but the more I thought about you the more I just kept writing! Chezzabella we LUV you to the moon & back...and back again!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • danielleoakley_I love thid💕
  • usa_cheryl_fan@misscheryl Boo you still have 5 hrs to say happy birthday to me!!💖🎉🎁🎊😎😘🎂
  • courteneydawson_🙊💁
  • hibiscus__cmjSo pretty
  • carlyhallettxWish I was you😞 bootiful🌸💕
  • kareem.3Perfect
  • topaz_arbeli love u
  • hey_its_jess_here_Are you the real Cheryl cole ???
  • hey_this_is_millLike the mask
  • georginawheeldon👭💞
  • hanovf@lifeofnouf
  • lauren_goodlet@lisha_goodlet @graceoliviawilliams what's that shit on your face
  • palomampaStunning photo! 👏👏
  • oops_hi_2k26Um.......
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