Fingers on the laces #papawaceedwarddrew would have been proud!
  • jessicasimpsonFingers on the laces #papawaceedwarddrew would have been proud!

  • cseely2013It's Hipaa! Get a grip people
  • christinelraderHIPPA stops when the patient dies!
  • christinelraderOops...Hipaa!
  • kritty88@karimarie76 ignore the ignorant comments. You done nothing wrong. People like to jump on bandwagons all the time. Pathetic isn't it? Lol
  • gmanders22Oh my goodness! My son's father's side of the family already has him head-to-toe decked in football gear and he's only three months! Lol
  • lay_de_teeCute
  • akm0605Hipaa is for patient healthcare privacy, she gave no health information, she only said she took care of them. No problem.
  • karimarie76@k5odonnell @alyb4908 @hello_kitty_05 @kritty88 I'm not worried about ignorant people that think they know what they are talking about. It was for one not a violation of anything. I for one wouldn't have said what I did on social media if it was. And for two it was public knowledge where he was. I didn't state the facts of his health. So maybe you should educate yourselves like @kritty88 said I've done nothing wrong but share a memory with her about her grandfather who she holds near and dear to her heart. They are a big part of this community here so find someone else to talk crap to. Small minded people I swear smh. Sorry for the rant @jessicasimpson
  • amandaw88@karimarie76 She gave no personal infomation out, it was simply a memory. Get a life people!
  • amandaw88PS...SO Cute! I bet he's smiling down!!!
  • karimarie76@amandaw88 I know people are if they want to get technical it was private duty and it was in THEIR home lol
  • besonisUsually when you work in health care you have to read and take tests on hipaa. Nothing was violated at all. If she went into detail about healthcare that she provided it would be but saying you took care of someone is not a violation.
  • jiffeejeBeautiful family.
  • hollypearsCute
  • karenmdavis2005Jessica doesn't even read these, and I know for a fact they don't care about her saying she took care of her family lol this is a innocent pic so please stop making more of things . Have bless night all 💗
  • jess_elizabeth4aw sweet cute xo
  • shawnrenefit😀👏👍
  • shawnrenefitSo cute!!!
  • _likeamovie_🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  • michellecker@kimmacchiarelli
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