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  • jackr13K
  • spencercooke2Ok
  • matt_bmanWhy do you give it to the same place two years in a row? Because it will go so badly the first year, that you want to give them a chance to fix it - I'm telling you now, the NY tournament will be the most undersold ACC tournament in the history of ever
  • elroieeeyessssss NC💙
  • ewo0d68Keep it out of Greensboro, bad venue, no atmosphere and no draw to attract people to the area.
  • stefwithan_effBrooklyn will be sold out by Cuse fans in record time. Can't wait to get down there for the tourney!
  • jessebradwallaceHope you're joking @matt_bman new york metro area has more than 2x the population of the entire state of nc. Will be packed
  • matt_bman@jessebradwallace and what percentage of those people have ties to the ACC teams? In NC, you have to pick an ACC team to support or people look at you funny - it's not the same - and even all the 'cuse grads end up working for IBM and moving to NC anyways - having an ACC tournament outside of NC is not the same - I don't mind occasional trips to DC or Atlanta, but the NY tournaments will not have the same energy as one in NC, period
  • swaagyc1Yall stupid needs to stay in NC idc what anyone says
  • jamie.orsonHav them cime back to da atl
  • clintcherryboo terrible
  • swhittington14Boooooooo stay in nc peeps
  • edwardhelms14Stay in NC its tourny town
  • jlehgbl@calicusekid94 @stephanwise57 we need to go at least once
  • cityofgreensboroat a quick glance, I'd say 2015 and 2020 look awesome!!!
  • 80minsI know NCAA tournament does Indianapolis, where they are headquartered, every 5 years where the
  • 80minsLet's try that again. Will it be in Greensboro every five years like the NCAA does with Indy?
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