• jambajuice#JambaFit Tip from @TracyAndersonMethod: I love a routine that targets multiple areas. Hold a plank and lift each leg 40 times to help tone your glutes and work your core.

    Giveaway: Tell us how you keep your fitness routine fresh in a comment below today for a chance to win a $50 Jamba Juice gift card. #fitness #fitspo #fitnessgirl #healthyliving #fitnessgoals #fitnessguru

  • hollylove087Cardio cardio cardio & pilates :)
  • jacquelynm_I incorporate Insanity, T25, Jillian Michaels, Tone It Up and BLOGILATES! ^_^ 💕
  • aaimee_m@gorda_bb2102
  • itsbecslife@jambajuice I like to keep my routine fresh, but switching up the exercises every week! Instead of having a boring routine - it adds some fun and excitement into exercising! #JambaFit
  • melanie_martin78When I use the restroom before I sit down I do 30-50 fast squats and arm rotations. #JambaFit
  • autumngreenI consistent with my Tracy Anderson method at least five days a week!!! 💪💃
  • luv_mydachshundI keep #JambaFit by mixing up my routine and varying my degree of difficulty.
  • alexisb_smithI try to mix it up by doing various exercises/activities. Dance, hiking, and walking the track w my third graders a couple times a week during recess!
  • mjelli44I try not to have a strict schedule and do things that I will enjoy!
  • audjaliciousI keep my fitness routine fresh by focusing on exercise AND diet. There's no sense doing tons of hard work if you just eat junk. A super easy way to fruit & veggie up is juicing. I have at least one big glass if green juice a day! Gives me so much more energy & keeps me feeling clean! 🌱🍓🍎🍊🍏🍌🍐
  • kelseyschranzeI love to look up new videos and exercises on youtube. I also love to watch other people at the gym and replicate their exercises!
  • stgeorgegirlMusic! New music helps me stay motivated to do my cardio. Also switching it up where I do my cardio- my house, the gym, outside.
  • juicymillerJoin all the great races out there for everyone doesn't have to be Marathron a lot different fun stuff. Everyone is doing it.
  • shelbyartmanI'm a runner and I love having some short but fast days while taking others long and slow :)
  • laurenliveshealthyTrain for a new race every couple of months with different focus (Half marathon, triathlon, swimming only, mud run, distance run) so I'm always incorporating different training techniques. Also switching up my eating habits so I'm excited to eat clean!
  • michellecquinnYoga every single day! I also try to fit in a run at least a few times a week!
  • jambajuice@milliemartin1978 Congratulations! Your entry has been selected. Those extra squats have really paid off ;) You just won a $50 Jamba Juice gift card. E-mail jambafit@finnpartners.com for more information on how to claim your prize!
  • melanie_martin78Yay! Thank you! I will email you.
  • jambajuice@milliemartin1978 the email address is: jambafit@finnpartners.com we look forward to sending you your gift card and congrats again on winning!
  • melanie_martin78@jambajuice it's still not working. I have many undeliverable emails.
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