• sacramentokingsThroughout the season, Kings.com will highlight tales of Cap City Kingdom members' Sacramento Kings fandom. Today, the series continues with diehard Kings fan @chief916.

    #MyKingsJourney: It all started when I bought the 1997 NBA video game that featured Mitch Richmond on the cover, shortly after I saw my first game live and was hooked. It has been wonderful being a Kings fan, I have so many memories and have met a lot of wonderful people. Our fans are top notch, the energy in the building is amazing. We're actually more than just fans, we have become a family. I'm proud to be a part of the future of the Sacramento Kings!

    Share your Kings story throughout the 2013-14 season & include #MyKingsJourney.

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  • bigjohnly06#mykingsjourney started when I was about 5 when I first played the video game nba jam 1993 and i choosed the kings , used mitch richmond and spud webb . I've been a die hard kings fans ever since
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  • _whitechoc_That's dope homie @chief916 @sheenab
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