One of these dudes is trying to tell me something.
  • evanmathis69One of these dudes is trying to tell me something.

  • 2_shanez67Beat guard in the league, the line was the reason for shadys performance this past season please don't leave
  • _yelenaI'll give u 20 bucks to stay. Do we have a deal?
  • seank122Take it to the bank you'll get another one!
  • lwysock10Money's not important, stay in PHILLY
  • jlebel30They Tryna tell you it isn't about the money lol. We all play football cuz we enjoy the game! You're career took off since you've been an Eagle, why flush it down the toilet now? I'm excited to see you back in 2014 moving the Dline like it's your day job @Evanmathis69
  • cashman323MONEY AIN'T A THING! $)
  • cashman323#FLYEAGLESFLY $)
  • glasshalfmtListen to your dogs Evan, stay in philly, focus on getting that ring!!!
  • grant.latranMoney dont matter. Chase the ring not the money. #BirdGang
  • betacekingHope you got some scotch tape @evanmathis69
  • commmandolandoPlease stayyyy. it starts with the o line..
  • mikesubersHe's trying to tell you it's not about the money bro. Stay in Philly where we love you.
  • pjb42069Thats right. fk the money, its about your team ! money cant buy loyalty !
  • bsimmonsbcAt least it wasnt a Benjamin!
  • krayzbone227Note the president on that bill, in light of today's news...
  • clubberlangko@evanmathis69 As a Philly guy living in Homewood now: For the sake that when I wear my Eagles hat, the only credibility I have is name dropping you at places like Saw's BBQ, re-sign??
  • markward13Don't leave Philly!!!!
  • theyungcostanzaStay in Philly man, you're one of my favorite players
  • pitataumoepenu😂😂😂
  • louie_1013My dog likes to eat money too
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