No matter where you go or what you're doing, take your tunes with you. #JBLFlip @jblaudio
  • attNo matter where you go or what you're doing, take your tunes with you. #JBLFlip @jblaudio

  • roxybellefit@shuanfa
  • shuanfaUffff demasiado buena!!!
  • r_hernandez15@att #ineedmydodgers
  • _frametastic_Best 100$ I've spent in a long time @_parker_frame_
  • chrismbroomeBest customer service!! They were great to me on Saturday:)
  • kaddmanAT&T rocks!
  • att@moni_days That's not what we like to hear, Moni. Is there anything we can help you with? We're listening.
  • attThanks for the #ATTLove, Chris!
  • j_grant123@att I tried upgrading my crappy phone to an iPhone today and u said it would cost an extra $250 dollars to upgrade it! U suck!
  • att@j_grant123 Are you eligible for an upgrade? Feel free to check your upgrade eligibility on, via the myATT app, or calling *NEW#. Also, feel free to learn more about our AT&T Next program. It's a new way to get a smartphone every year. See how it works:
  • j_grant123I can't cause it would coast $250 to upgrade from my phone now. On a scale of 1 to 10 AT&T gets a 0
  • mr.mcdermaidThanks for the 4 person family with 10 gigs of data
  • pinkygeminiWe cant even watch the dodgers with Uverse 450
  • att@mcdermaid02 Glad you're enjoying the Mobile Share Value plan!
  • sr.vignieri#ConexionWifi. If your phone or computer is damaged we will repair at a price below the competition. We are located at 92-03 Jamaica Ave, NY
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