• theradavistPhotographer @atommoore took a hasselblad 500c/m with a Phase One back into #2014nahbs and compiled a Guest Gallery for the site. Head over to check it out!

  • jpbevins#expensivehobby
  • theradavist@jpbevins Phase One is digital, not film! ;-)
  • youcantbuylandI understand none of the tech bit John, but that's a great shot from @atommoore @johnprolly
  • jayssface@jpbevins cycling or photography?
  • jpbevins@johnprolly haha! I don't know one person in the cycling community can afford a phase one back! I do slowly leak my income on film constantly though.
  • jpbevins@jayssface both
  • theb0nk@yeahdesmondo
  • theradavist@jpbevins you can rent them for a weekend. No reason to buy something like that dude.
  • jpbevins@johnprolly yeah, I work with them every single week. Even the rental here in the city is a couple hundred dollars. Wondering what prices are like now outside of NYC and LA though. Wish they weren't developing so fast, I'd totally get one and pay it off, but it's such a big investment at this point. Sony and Canon are also coming out with medium format digital work horse cameras to compete in the phase one/leaf market. Maybe all this technology will be exponentially cheaper in a year with all the competition and technological advances. It's crazy to think about and put into perspective.
  • theradavist@jpbevins totally, but if you work at a place that has them to rent, it's a cheap / fun / fresh way to breathe energy into an otherwise blandly-documented event.
  • jpbevins@johnprolly true true true. I'm stoked that this is a guest gallery and wish we could have a real life conversation about cameras and gear. That would be tight.
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