You. Have. Arrived. What are you ordering tonight?
  • olivegardenYou. Have. Arrived. What are you ordering tonight?

  • olivegardenThanks for the great photo, @tasha_b!
  • greeneyesfromthabxLove it!!
  • _i7dexI can't order anything because my mom gets tired of that place ! 😋😂😂😂😂
  • _i7dex@officialolivegarden
  • mariahfiore@officialolivegarden hi I went to Olive Garden the other night (my favorite restaurant) for my birthday. And it was so terrible. We were there for an hour with only our drinks then when we finally got break sticks we were so fed up we asked for the manager. She came up and assured us it was on its way. Once we got our food it was obviously reheated and the steaks were so crispy. I absolutely love Olive Garden and it's sad to see that people are starting to not care. Please stay the amazing restaurant I know & love.
  • _.a_d_r_i_an._OMG that place is so good I can't stop eating it!!!!
  • redonyou69Sounds good right abt now😭
  • carole0708@officialolivegarden love olive garden's new menu and especially the to go option!
  • perjonhoustonGoing there for my anniversary this Friday so excited #iloveolivrgarden
  • jessilaine_xo@brandon_lamar402 I'm a server t The Wheeling Olive Garden and I can PROMISE you that is not how it is! We check back to our tables every few minutes and our management is on top of everything! We don't charge for extra sauce or dressing or extra topping for salad. There's no button even for it so it's impossible. I'm not on here to argue, but I think it's very unfair to judge all olive gardens bc of one bad service that you had. Just saying....
  • jessilaine_xoMaybe the person was just having a bad day...
  • dr.munaalyusef@almuqri My favorite restaurant
  • charlie_gosnell@danielleeashleyy
  • daniellewallman@charlie_gosnell throwbackkkkk
  • rosana53My favorite restaurant!!!
  • olivegarden@brandon_lamar402 We're sad to hear that this has happened to you and you've left our restaurant feeling so disappointed! Please accept our apology with the assurance that we would like to address your concern. Please email us at so we can discuss this further.
  • olivegarden@mariahfiore You should always expect to receive a great meal served by our attentive, friendly team members -- especially on your birthday. We're sorry for letting you down and not making it right while you were with us. When you have a moment, please email us at
  • jeffmitchell@6766evo
  • loggzzzzPoo
  • beccanoonecaresStop tossing salads @chasingchey
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