Thanks for showing us around ABQ bud! @jakedajeweler #keepingitrealandfrank
  • davistorgersonThanks for showing us around ABQ bud! @jakedajeweler #keepingitrealandfrank

  • daneburmanThis might've worked for an ad if you hadn't instagramed it! Damn it davis! I'm really trying to help you here! You're up for review buddy. You can't keep this shit up. Pull you're thumb out of your ass and do your job. I want four more gorgeous images of you doing what you do best on my desk by wednesday. I trust you can do that for me, davis?
  • davistorgerson@daneburman we talked about this, only after every 6 Wednesday instagrams do I need an ad. being my manager I would hope you had read the fine details. I still have 3 more Wednesday instagrams til it's due, I got this. ps you're under review.
  • daneburmanYou can't put me under review?!!! I'm your god damn manager! I call the fucking shots here davis. Ps davis is going to be changed to david or davey to make you seem more reachable and easier to relate to. No one has friends or family members named davis. Might change your last name too.... Torson is better. Kinda reminds me of tyson. Legend. David Torson. Brilliant,
  • davistorgerson@daneburman this is such fucking bullshit, you're fucked.... but I'm in. that name would look damn good on a pack of snickers. I trust you know where to go from here.
  • davistorgerson@daneburman also that's not me...
  • daneburmanDavid Torson. Really satisfies. Im on it. Im working on getting you a tampax deal too. I know every newly pubescent 12 year old girl is going to want a little david torson inside them once a month. I really think this could take off.
  • demodannyThat conversation was gold lmao @daneburman
  • jakedajeweler👏👏
  • ulooklykeshitJakes the man!
  • lilceisacheezaCool pic
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