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  • sarahsfrenchPolice shut down Boylston after barefoot male walks toward finish line screaming "Boston Strong" carrying a huge black backpack.

  • sarah_supermannWhoaaa @urisanz who's the aggressive one here?? I have nothing to "mask," nor did I make a racist comment. YOU'RE the one attacking people and the country you chose to live in, rambling on about insensitivity, projecting your own aggressiveness onto others. But good for you, buddy! An EMT who judges people you don't even know, preaching about ignorance an insensitivity while actually making a great example of both! I actually work in the mental health field and never made a negative comment in that direction either, but keep projecting those feelings DARLING if it helps you sleep at night. I'm clearly not the only person who thinks you're an arrogant, ignorant dumbass (:
  • staceytarask@sarah_supermann 🙏
  • alexmiano@ohmichaelgill wait who is Kayvon?
  • sarah_supermann@staceytarask 😁
  • sarah_supermann@urisanz hahaha what exactly do I have to be in denial about? You're the one making assumptions, stereotypes, twisting words around. Can't accept the fact of how IGNORANT you've made yourself sound with said assumptions, but I'm denial? Cussing people out but calling us aggressive idiots? Don't you have stupid, mentally deranged people to save? Take care, fool (:
  • cyclingdaDon't you people understand that hate only creates more hate?
  • miaw100Nothing wrong with not liking this man that is making fun of the death of innocent children and people mamied. He also "supports" the terrorist and what they did and thinks victims pain and misery is funny! @urisanz Why are you saying everyone that doesn't like this man is making psychical threats towards him? That's not true and you need to stop doing that and excusing people that didn't do that!
  • pahtysheaaa@badtothebohne @aimboug @woahitsmeggo good thing I wasn't driving down Boylston because I deff woulda hit this guy! #whoops #Townies #BostonStrong
  • miaw100@urisanz I'm sure if your family was murdred or you were maimed and he was making fun of their deaths you would not be standing up for him! You are attacking everyone that dislikes him not just the people making death threats. People don't have to like him and I'm sure if he did this to you you wouldn't like him either! He is horrible evil person to do that to them and suppprt the terrorist/murderers. You stand up for him when he is picking on death and horrible injuries of people at marthon but I wonder would you still stand up for him if he was picking on child abuse or a sexual assault? Also he stand up for these terrorist/murderers, would you support him if he supported rapist/pedoflies?
  • greg1125Uranazz (Molina). I hope someday Boston is as peaceful and calm as Chicago is. Cause there's no ignorant, violent morons running those streets!
  • campbells23@tadgearhoarder
  • sarah_supermann@greg1125 hahaha exactly! What a loser! Too dumb to even realize how IGNORANT he truly sounds! Apparently Chicago doesn't have dictionaries (; @urisanz moo moo?? Who's the five year old? You are seriously one of the most moronic, again IGNORANT, hypocritical fuck I've seen in a while. But please, keep your immature nonsense coming I am truly enjoying the amusement! You have yet to make a comprehensible valid point towards ANYONE, but keep projecting your own hate and aggression towards others if it helps you sleep at night (:(: take care DARLING (note: it's called sarcasm sweetheart, and it's a sign of intelligence, something you are clearrrrrly unaware of😁)
  • sarah_supermann@urisanz good one!!! (:(:(:
  • sarah_supermann@urisanz now can you tell me what sound a jackass makes?? (;
  • xo_violetIt's clear as day that the man in the video has issues and doesn't think like a rational person but when are we going to stop blaming others and making excuses for ones actions. In no way, shape or form could u say that because there is a lack of services for mental help that this is why he did that. And as sad as it may be, we cannot continue to make excuses and by pass the fact that his insensitive and distasteful actions were because he is mentally sick. I'm not tossing death comments out there and saying he should die for what he did but I don't think his actions should be over looked because of his mental state. It is ignorant and shallow for you to comment and say that we are a violent city, with nothing but violent people. We are a city with pure heart. And just as @staceytarask said, if you were to have your legs blown off even after your close minded and judge mental comments about us as a whole, I would still go out of my way to help you. For such a hateful, violent city would u like to explain to me why OUR paramedics and our hospitals still cared for the younger brother after he was found injured?? You should have stood in our streets and watched all of the people of Boston unite the way that we did, and hear our cries before you make your disgusting comments about us and our city. End of conversation. You should really take yourself elsewhere. God forbid something of that sort happen where you are from, I doubt your city and it's people would react any different. @urisanz
  • staceytarask@xo_violet best comment yet. a few people made death comments earlier in post and clearly when push comes to shove those people don't believe in death for the hoax carried out by that mentally ill person. What makes @urisanz out of line is his generalization that Boston people are violent. I don't chose who i help in times of disaster. I help everyone
  • indiraa116Ew he's gunna get some nice ring worm with no shoes on on that dirty street👍👏
  • tmicnyolo
  • tjfittt@hulaholic6
  • tiffnkidskbk@mstaffb not cool! People are nuts!
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