Looking Up, Getting Up, & Never Giving Up! #foodforthought #me #life #focus #prayer #faith #hope #dreams #love #marriage
  • gregvaughanLooking Up, Getting Up, & Never Giving Up! #foodforthought #me #life #focus #prayer #faith #hope #dreams #love #marriage

  • bethmckamyGreat passage!!! I love verse 12 also!! Prayers & blessings Greg!!!!
  • _thelmtGreat message"!
  • nancydrew62Greg, stay strong ! The Lord is good ! You are in my prayers !
  • lovemysoapsYour fans only want your happiness Greg.
  • lvilaboy4@gregvaughan Amen!!!
  • marirocks83Amen!
  • leecelyGod Bless!!
  • triathlete0107Thank you....I probably needed that as much as you do. 🙏
  • momgoodmanThis is where we find our strength. Prayers for your family during this difficult time.
  • keysha1986Prayers for you and your family at this time.. #GodGivesTheToughestBattlesToHisStrongestSoilders
  • ashleyyonoMay Jesus give you the strength to endure this hardship🙏 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" Keep praying and ask God to guide your decisions. Praying for you.
  • ecruz79🙏
  • hartjmjEverything will be as it should be! You all are amazing and will continue to be 💕💙💕
  • leslieshaw7Prayers for you and your kiddos!! @gregvaughan
  • lisawillerPrayers
  • lovin09My favorite scripture, when I don't know what to do….I read this and find peace.
  • ashleyyonoEternal, Holy God,
    I come to You burdened with worries,
    fears, doubts and troubles.
    Calm and quiet me with peace of mind.
    Empty me of the anxiety that disturbs me,
    of the concerns that weary my spirit,
    and weight heavy on my heart.

    Loosen my grip on the disappointments
    and grievances I hold on to so tightly.
    Release me from the pain of past hurts,
    of present anger and tension,
    of future fears.

    Sometimes it's too much for me Lord,
    too many demands and problems,
    too much sadness, suffering, and stress.

    Renew me spiritually and emotionally.
    Give me new strength, hope, and confidence.
    Prepare me to meet the constant struggles
    of daily life with a deeper faith and trust in You.

    Let your love set me free, for peace,
    for joy, for grace, for life,
    for others, forever.
  • ashleyyono@gregvaughan
  • theevolutionofmelissa@gregvaughan This is my favorite scripture.
  • christinesnn1I like this I think I'll keep it 😮☺😀😄
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