#BTS at our brand summit: A pile of @FormulaXnail Press Pods! These new
single-use nail polishes are GENIUS. #SBES2014
  • sephora#BTS at our brand summit: A pile of @FormulaXnail Press Pods! These new
    single-use nail polishes are GENIUS. #SBES2014

  • queenofthenerds@ssnand lol I completely agree
  • bunnyboo1013@jessicacornish P.S. I don't think plastic is recyclable when there is nail polish residue in it
  • bunnyboo1013I'm guessing these r for samples
  • sarah_nichole800@bunnyboo1013 the clean it
  • bunnyboo1013@sarah_nichole800 I think that would waste more time and resources than a regular bottle of polish. And plus...what's the point of this product? It's for convenience. Not for you to spend time washing the container. Sure you can clean it, but that's just pushing it.
  • sarah_nichole800@bunnyboo1013 when u put it in the recycle bin the people at the recycling plant clean it and the point is maybe you are buying the polish to go get ur nails done for like prom and u only want to wear the color one here it is
  • bunnyboo1013@sarah_nichole800 Ok now you say the recycling workers clean it. Previously you suggested "the clean it" (which I'm guessing you meant then clean it) implying that the consumer themselves should clean it. Hmmmm... And if people really just want to use a polish once, go to the salon or buy a cheaper polish! Gosh this whole argument is redundant but I will stand for what I think and not make up random facts to support my ideas.
  • nhu.quynh.dIn real life, they are the just smaller than a quarter...not a ton of plastic. each pod has enough to paint 2-3 coats of polish for all 10 fingers. great for travel. or if u dont want to buy a huge bottle if a color you'll only wear a couple times. Great stay power!
  • delnero.bbKkkkkk parace esmalte da xuxa ....@karinamatos11
  • karinamatos11@caroldelnero kkkkk pior
  • charlotterodraygunsPerhaps these would make great testers for consumers, sephora could use them as marketing promotional tools, send them out, free gift with purchase, to invite customers to try a new product, but really wasteful to purchase...
  • evaboomsma@hellosweetie24 why do you think so? Can you not close them after you use it?
  • charlotterodrayguns@3va_0528 it's a single use product.
  • iluvmusicwdwWhy can't I save these pics to my iPhone
  • lilsharebearU can take a screen shoot of the picture and then crop the picture and it saves to ur camera roll
  • rachaelrussell@joliangelle um this is genius!
  • dolla.anda.dream@amberoehlers check this out. Interesting
  • ambersurmoneHmm it is. Very unique. I like :) @dolla.anda.dream
  • ays_ha09@umsalem_08
  • promise_als_@nooralameer
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