One of the joys of my career is I never know what I will find around the next corner of the street or bend in the road. 
On my second day in Peru, staying in the village of Urubamba, we took a road that snaked through the hills just outside town. 
Farms, terraced hills, random livestock, the hills are full of a life not much different than it would have been one hundred years ago or more. 
You can imagine how my jaw dropped when I saw this young girl, with her halo of flowers. 
More than from a different place, she (and her little brother) were from a different place and time.  At that age I barely let my little girls handle the TV remote control,  let alone go off on a journey down a winding hillside road loaded down with a large clay pot on their back. 
Everyday I’m so thankful that I get to discover the world in all its endless and fascinating diversities and similarities.
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