This week's Most Valuable Viking Enemy is King Ecbert! Make sure to watch all new episodes of #Vikings on Thursdays at 10/9c to cast your vote.
  • historyvikingsThis week's Most Valuable Viking Enemy is King Ecbert! Make sure to watch all new episodes of #Vikings on Thursdays at 10/9c to cast your vote.

  • parkair16If he is trying to kill all of them off how come he let Athelstein live? @joeyahartman
  • gandalf.the.earl.grey@dennysdude He's valuable. An englishman kidnapped turned viking. He knows the language and a lot about them, not to mention he knows Ragnar really well
  • parkair16I think he should've gone with Ragnar
  • tiaimsfI love that Ragnar cares so much for his family but he gave up on everything and just left. Now they could have another enemy
  • stargatesg5Why did the priest just lay there and sleep after he got away, I would have snuck back to camp in the night to see if they were attacked or warn them just don't under stand him or if he wanted to go back to the English that was a stupid way of doing it.
  • selvi519I can't figure out king,echberts game. didn't he say to ragnar that he wanted to use them against his enemies or something like that? And he totally spared athelstan to get information. I think athelstan stayed just cuz he could. But i don't think horik can strikea deal with echbert like ragnar could, look ar the mess he caused with borg. Ragnar is looking out for his people, horik is for himself.
  • nicoleanne.13So excited legetha is back!!
  • maidenofasgaardI think Athelstan should have went with Ragnar
  • kevin_723how did legartha killed his “husband”, whic i am sure she could do easily, and took his troops to help Ragarna. I didnt see this part explaining it. but always happy to see legartha back and floki is still alive.
  • strilok85I think Ragnar will come back for Athelstan but he is psychologically broken after surviving that crucifixion. I think borgs days are numbered and they will eventually go back to england if horik and the remaining dudes there will survive long enough, hopefully. Ragnar is currently in rage mode lol
  • devin_a5150I thought the same thing @cvcwheeler
  • joefish60As fat as Athelsyan....what doesn't kill you....makes you stronger!!!!
  • iwuvmypaint245@joeyahartman I think you could be in to something
  • mathewquillAthelstan dies from an infection as a result of the crucifixion, you will see that the Saxons will begin crucifying captured vikings, wait until you see how the vikings respond
  • mathewquill@stargatesg5 because they would have killed him on the spot
  • stargatesg5Mathewquill how do u know this
  • anecarolinearaujo@diegoconsimo Olha só
  • anecarolinearaujo@diegoconsimo Olha só
  • parkerbrown21GREATEST SHOW ON TV
  • blaidd_drewgWhat's this actors name?
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