Jaroslav Halak on the ice at Staples Center rocking his new mask. #CapsKings tonight at 10:30 p.m.
  • capitalsJaroslav Halak on the ice at Staples Center rocking his new mask. #CapsKings tonight at 10:30 p.m.

  • jxntateI woul keep it how things are I mean why fix what isn't broken
  • justiinroseOr
  • justiinroseTOP 5 NHL PLAYERS IN POINTS
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    1. Wayne Gretzky
    2. Mark Messier
    3. Gordie Howe
    4. Ron Francis
    5. Marcel Dionne
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    GET HIM TO 4k!
  • the_white_r.kellyI remember when the caps first won the southeast in 07, and everybody was talking about the goalie depth we have. Since then Brent Johnson gone. Olie Kolzig gone. Cristabaul Huet gone. Jose Thedore gone. Tomas vokoun gone. And now Michael Neuvirth gone. When's enough enough and we get a franchise goalie?
  • austincal38So true @ryan_kelly42
  • srowell3217Halak is a very GOOD goalie. He's not a Tuuka, but he's SOLID. Or do us caps have such short memory spans when he stole the series from us while in Montreal? Now, Let's get to the point about why we aren't going to go anywhere in the playoffs. We don't have defensive depth. We need to trade or draft defensively. Our offense is set. We have Ovie (Defensive liability that he is, which is why he's with the likes of Beagle in the first place), Backtröm, Johansson, Grabovski, Kuznetsov, Ward, Brouwer, and Laich. We are built to SCORE GOALS. The problem is, that doesn't fly in the playoffs. Which is why I say you should be looking to trade for Bruin or King defensmen this offseason. They're built on defense first. That's why they have Stanley Cups and the Caps do not.
  • mr_33voorhees@srowell3217 good point. I say draft trade for D and put ovi in hardcore D training. As for in net we have good goalies holtby is young and so was niv, halack is solid and young guys can learn from him and should kolzig guiding them. #capsfan for life.
  • superkat44@rlrvorhees @srowell3217 amen brothers. also a #capsfan for life
  • magsm74Thank goodness @rmnb_blog posted real pictures of the new awesome mask!
  • mackalvinoUgly mask ugly team PERFECT !!!!!!!!!
  • _tyleranthony7Nope @30hockeyman
  • achaale01Thank god! He got his mask painted!
  • giofromrioThe bottom line has been said over and over, the defence needs to be stronger they need more star power on the back end and need to trade to get some
  • michellleee15That's a nice mask
  • datkins9596Finally a new mask and it looks awsome
  • jmeister_11I'm going to the game tonight
  • harrisonb921977Finally!
  • michaelweisblatYESSSSS
  • ted.s.3Not even sick
  • j_siitariJaroslav "Jaro" Halak
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