Team ONION: Let’s cut to the chase: Team Onion has struggled. Despite being chopped fresh each morning in every Five Guys store, the team in all white was denied an automatic seed after being dumped out of the tournament in the first round last season. So, will there be tears of joy for Team Onion this season? We’ll find out when they face Team Relish in the tournament’s curtain-raiser, the play-in game. (LIKE for #TeamONION)

Team RELISH: Our perennial underdogs aren’t exactly relishing the moment. Following a humiliating defeat in last year’s tournament and a couple of coaching changes, our second team from Mt. Olive, N.C., finds itself opposite Team Onion in 2014’s play-in game. All we know about this mysterious young group is that they travel to away games in 1-gallon jars. Pretty sweet. (Comment for #TeamRELISH)  Voting Ends at: 9PM EST.

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