Sometimes being in the studio can get real emotional .  #bringbackthemusic
  • iamjhudSometimes being in the studio can get real emotional . #bringbackthemusic

  • shalaayaLooking forward to the Albulm!! You have been through so much, and God has placed such an anointing on your voice. The power, I cannot wait for. ❤❤❤
  • katba3z❤️
  • desboydHi, my name is Destiny Boyd. I'm a freshmen at Kenwood academy in Chicago Illinois. I'm a huge fan of all of you all. I love my grandma dearly and I want to get her a new house. She lives alone because she Doesn't want me living with her in a bad neighborhood. She stays in Englewood. I wish I could provide and buy her a nice home but I can't because I'm just 15 and since she no longer works she can't put her money towards a new home. I really would love for your help in getting her a new home. I know a lot of people ask you for money and it becomes hard for you to believe some but please believe me when I say that I'm trying my hardest to help my grandmother. I'm just freshmen but I have a gpa of 3.9. I'm trying to do my best to graduate and be successful so my grandmother won't have to struggle anymore. Please if you can help me it would be a blessing. I will work very hard to pay you all back if that is what it takes but please can you help buy my grandmother a house.
  • divashondaKeep your head up Jennifer Hudson. Your a good talented singer and I am a huge fan of you. I have three of your albums and my favorite song is Be Greatful from the Black Nativity movie. You have blessed me with that song. You just don't know. (:
  • authorivanseanbartonI would love to get in the studio with you real music real voices
  • q_got_the_juice_You are everything.
  • thatchicheather<3
  • kierajenae@marqil 😂
  • aprillee75@iamjhud you save my life with weight watchers. Thanks
  • just_dat_moneySacrifice
  • mskhardythis is what music is missing now days... heart & SOUL!!! we appreciate you!
  • cash.moreDats wat hard wrk do
  • bryantvargassI love you so much!!!
  • bryantvargassCome to DR!!
  • jerriesambersI bet that was MOAN being recorded!! @iamjhud right?
  • carleen1978Its okay honey buny
  • 85bodypump💕your body of work! Hope to see you 2015.😘
  • thistlebrown@rackjoy @jessicagrubisa
  • jessicagrubisa@thistlebrown 💯
  • porshamorganWhy don't you have any pics of your mom and dad. We would love to cherish those moments with you also... It's a lot of people going threw loss off family, and maybe seeing pictures of you're family would lift some people's spirits.. I honestly don't mean to intrude or sound rude.. Was just stating a opinion.
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