James Reimer set to lead the #Leafs out for pre-game warm up. #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsJames Reimer set to lead the #Leafs out for pre-game warm up. #TMLtalk

  • joshua_h98I wasn't talking to you... Or are you a second account for bring_back_reimer_34
  • joshua_h98@jennaforevs
  • only_great_quotesSome of use haven't forgotten how many times Reimer SAVED our butts last year.
  • _chris_teenie@joshua_h98 I'm a friend of the guy whose account is bring_back_reimer_34 and he told me to say that because he was busy at the moment
  • joshua_h98@matt_622 haha I haven't forgotten. But last year is irrelevant this year. Get real this isn't a fairy tale. If he isn't playing well then he goes backup position or gets traded. If you watch the game and understand how it is played you understand this.
  • joshua_h98@jennaforevs sure.
  • _chris_teenie@joshua_h98 um it really isn't me on that account. Why would I make an account then follow myself and like all my pictures, like that is just weird and beg much. All I did was copy and paste what he said. So believe me or not but I'm telling the truth
  • colerocks6676Go Toronto go
  • justinpeart_Leafs need to WIN!!!!
  • humzahockey123Come on Toronto leafs neeeed to WIN :( !!!!!!!!
  • humzahockey123Ikr
  • karandeepbalGo leafs go
  • ericloeng17No u Koo Koo
  • alana.t.hYeah they should play Bernier while he's hurt so then he can get rlly injured and never play again...so the leafs can actually win some games.
  • patrycjazyman_Come on boys you can play better then this #GOLEAFSGO
  • royaltygraphicsRimer is not playing good he needs to play better if we are going to make the playoffs we need bernier please
  • declan_ghosh#YOLO
  • geetika.bediReimer is amazing and so is Bernier! but the truth is the defence hasn't been playing well.. and u can't make the goalie do all the work! STOP HATING ON REIMER!!!!
  • parisarmitaIt not just reimer and bernier it's the whole team I feel really bad for all of them 😭
  • mascennaYou're a bunch of losers
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