The #LouisVuitton F/W 2014-2015 Women's Collection created by Nicolas Ghesquière shot by #JuergenTeller
  • louisvuittonThe #LouisVuitton F/W 2014-2015 Women's Collection created by Nicolas Ghesquière shot by #JuergenTeller

  • aolion79😱😱😱😳
  • carmensusana0210😱😱😱😡
  • hansen.kuDont judge people by any state as we may had the same comments from others. Its just they prefer to keep quite rather than speak that out of loud. Stfu.
  • mrfasallidont look the model, look what she wear =)). stupid commnt :]xx
  • houseofirsanMy God...somany stupid comment.. .dont u try to think.. before u wrote anycomment
  • houseofirsanShe is a very famous model in history...goddamn it
  • restiavianiMatching with her dress
  • leon.xhaThe look is meant to be like this, not some perfect girl with makeup on her face
  • mr_lamkwGood Model. Bad .... clothe.
  • __janara__@pinarbal87 👍
  • trablishora17👎 very Ugly dress 👎👎👎👎
  • kielmausAgree. Dont like
  • m.v.budianto.k.lUgly.... Really....
  • sayacindylimOmg😰😰😰😰
  • sikapoohLiya looks great most of the dummies commenting don't know her age .She's gorgeous and killing it .. the dress idk
  • ggoldbar@leonbruh thank god- agreed! She's the most beautiful African American model in decades and as striking in person.
  • ggoldbarThis is Juergen Teller, who has a particular style... Do u not read the who shot it or anything at all? If u don't recognize it would help with the absurd comments.
  • dwubsdoMay not be the best picture of her but this is the Ethiopian stunner Liya Kebede. Who is hotter than the chicks on this feed. Keep using her @louisvuitton
  • maquina_de_larisaBeautiful Liya!
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