• jillpicklepants#GoodnightMoontattoo

  • hopesagb@jillpicklepants if you click on your hashtag, your post is the only one that shows up. That must mean it's the only one out there!!
  • williswinwin🙉 You did it!
  • jillpicklepantsThanks, @willisvanwilde , for the recommendation!! So excited and happy about how it turned out.
  • hi_frankie_tSaw your tattoo on Buzzfeed. You have a cute ID!
  • sierrapyBuzz feed famous http://www.buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/incredible-tattoos-inspired-by-books-from-childhood#.hczLGOgbV3
  • thelaurajaneHey! So, I'm actually thinking about getting a goodnight moon inspired tattoo too. Is there a story behind yours?
  • jillpicklepantsHi @thelaurajane: go for it! This is just my favorite spread from the book and I wanted to have the image of the pages on my lap. Good luck!
  • thelaurajaneI love that!! Thanks! I'll uh... Let you know when it's done? In solidarity? Haha. Cheers!
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