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  • mapleleafsVideo: Pre-game warm up begins #TMLtalk #Leafs #NHL

  • necktattsAnother thing... I'm so sick of Carlyle whining and complaining about the schedule. The Bruins beat the NJD last night and everyone played at least 12min cause they were finishing up winning 5 games in 7 days. TO had 4 guys playing under 12min, lots of forwards over 20. If Randy's guys are tired it's nobody's fault but his.
  • jacobpulfordI agree @muzzles91
  • jacobpulfordNot reimers fault , how bout toronto actually has a goal or two going into the third
  • mackie_42Happy bday @bozie42
  • flyindutchmanto everyone that's ripping on reimer. last night wasn't even close to his fault. he made 3 big saves as well as the consistent little ones. in the final minutes of the 3rd Detroit has several odd man breaks, eventually they're going to score. he has very limited help in front of him. and as far as his confidence goes? he lead us right into the playoffs and kept the team in there against boston, by far the best goaltending from a leaf I've seen in a while - and to reward him? the team hangs him out to try and brings in bernier as a starter. he's been nothing but shit on this year after standing on his head last year. if I were him I'd have a big middle finger up to everyone belittling him
  • only_great_quotes@flyindutchman well said! My feelings exactly!
  • soraiya_sunrise@flyindutchman you raise a valid point.
  • eric_letellier@flyindutchman Reims was good last year and is still good this year, but as they brought Bernie in, Carlyle had a huge dilemma with two starting goalies. That is probably why they played alternating games. In the end, Bernie emerged as simply better than Bernie. Don't get me wrong, i love The Rieminister, but Carlyle made the right choice, fair or not.
  • eric_letellierBernie emerged better than Reimer*
  • scanning_87Forgot to post the final score last night eh.. 3-2 Wings final #gowings
  • morrison_31You will be dead by then @mmcKenya84
  • morrison_31@mmcKenya84 shut up u tool or should I say plug
  • aaronkay_bmxI love the leafs
  • kevinparr_@scanning_87 i'm sure they are aware of that
  • broken_beauty_18I love hockey and the leafs
  • andrewreich7Ummm y do I care? Lol
  • declan_ghoshVery good warm up and nobody got hurt #LOL
  • janefilipiuk@piers_beesley FOLLOW THIS AMAZING ACCOUNT FOR HIGHLIGHTS 24/7!!!!!!!
  • justinknevelDion isn't that good btw and put Kessel as caption and kadri and jvr as assistant
  • deleted_8435No Joffrey captain jvr bozak as assistant @thunderbirds_7
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