• cassaundrahullTesting beauty products today with my one and only!! What do u want us to get the scoop on for you? What are ur beauty questions? #beauty #bbloggers #beautylab

  • thereal_beeshThat's the best liquid liner period.
  • shelby.hickenlooperI'll second that @aliaut @thebluecloset
  • juliecakes16Looking for the best face powder?!🙇
  • hoffmangirlIt's kind of boring, but how about best lip balm?? I'm struggling with mine. 😩
  • cassaundrahull@hoffmangirl talk to me about lip balm? What are u looking for? Color? Shine? Long lasting? What are u using now that u don't like? @lwalderson
  • cassaundrahull@moesig thanks!
  • cassaundrahull@juliecakes16 what are u wanting out of it? To keep make up in place? Finishing touch? Oil control?
  • cassaundrahull@aliaut @shickenlooper I agree! Trying out some long lasting browns for the warmer weather. I am an eyeliner addict
  • hoffmangirl@lwalderson I want a lip balm that will moisturize my lips and make them soft. Is that too much to ask?? Lol. Adding some color and shine would be fun, but not essential. I have tried Soft Lips, Chapstick, Carmex, Nivea, Eos, and Burt's bees. Right now Burt's bees is working best, but I'm not in love with it.
  • juliecakes16@thebluecloset definitely oil control.
  • swest0001@hoffmangirl I've had great luck with lanolin (in the baby section at stores). It's glossy and long lasting but is thick so a little goes a long way. No sunscreen though.
  • laceywinnn@hoffmangirl so sorry for delay sweet cheeks. All those products are for maintenance or repair. They will do NADA unless you are hydrated. Water/hydration will make them soft and supple and then the product moisturizes what you got! H2O, H2O, H2O!!! MUAH!
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