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  • lindsaylohan@cormiertown @theajzone #OWN #quicheReunion 🙏🌟🙏🌟✌️

  • feer_benningtonHola
  • palepeachxoThe one thing I've taken away from watching your docuseries is that everyone in your life totally and utterly enables you. Your assistants and your family are all "yes" people in your life. No wonder you struggle with being grounded. You play a victim role constantly. You are overly defensive and quick to anger at any sign of anyone calling you out on your bullshit. You know, I'm not a troll or a hater. I'm a realist, and realists can see through people's bullshit and what those people think they're hiding so well. You're a smart girl, but someone who struggles with self control and being honest (to yourself, mainly)... I have always hoped you would pull your life together, and I really hope you still do. Judging by your behaviour on your show, you still have a long way to travel. Good luck.
  • edwingalaxiaresThe docu-series is stuff that she dealt with, that was all finished last year. And early this year. It's not really such a great idea to judge and keep people to the past, they moved on. She shared something personal that she normally would never share, both good and bad, she can self-correct on her own.
  • tylergolfwangYour life coaches were more like your assistants. Helping you out away clothes for days hahahahaha
  • palepeachxoIt doesn't matter if it's "in the past". It has been, what, 6 months since the show. She's late for bookings, if she even bothers to show. Everything is a problem with Lindsay. Complaining and carrying on. There are people who work 10 to 12 hour days to make a living for their families (myself included) who have never seen the kind of wealth Lindsay has seen and she is not humbled or professional. If I just didn't show up to my job, consistently, I would be fired.
  • palepeachxoNo one will work with her unless she changes and her docuseries proved that she can't hack it. She doesn't show up. She doesn't put in her all.
  • gypsyhussle74😸
  • kayla_patton_Beautiful.!!!!😊😘👌👌
  • jblanchard03Katze who in the hell are Y O U to judge so harshly
  • daphneebeginningSee my instagram, I made a disguise of you, this is pretty funny haha !!! @lindsaylohan
  • carokoskie@nikijavdan @sashanazarkina @adrianadek
  • nikijavdan@carokoskie awks w AJ
  • toni_tocaThis hat!!! @cyddakidd
  • jackguthrie15Lindsay you look so happy and healthy - that makes me ecstatic!
  • miss_lildballeHi @lindsaylohan ❤️ I was watching your show the other day. And I got big respect for you. People can judge you all they want, they don't know how it is to be famous ❤️ There is a lot of celebrities who ends up in #rehab and can't handle it when they get out ❤️ I have a big respect because you try's again when it fails for you. I really hope you are in a better place now or is on the way. I had a depression 2 years ago and I of cause know how that field like, but I don't know how it fields to get troughs all the thing have been troughs ❤️ Keep fighting, be cause you can do it ❤️ Good luck to you in the future ❤️❤️
  • miss_lildballeSorry for my bad English 😂
  • ferreiraraffaellDignos haha
  • kathrynhoman@sarashuster #sobercoaches #valneedsem
  • ambercheyannMichael !! I work with him, he's fabulous :)
  • bofikgkgfig😘😘😘😘😘😘
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