@chrissyteigen looking great in our Pixie pants in @okmagazine #oldnavystyle
  • oldnavy@chrissyteigen looking great in our Pixie pants in @okmagazine #oldnavystyle

  • forksflashI agree with @2stixobutter (love the name btw!) I tried these on last week and didn't feel the "magic" with them. I normal wear a size 8 in pants. I couldn't get into an 8 or 10. I sure as heck wasn't going for a 12. It was rather depressing.
  • superksoulI'm a 14 and rock the snot out of the Pixie! It's not about the size of your butt that makes the pants, it's about the size of your confidence. #loveyourbody #lovethepixie
  • polarbelle123I'm tall and long waisted...how is the rise on them?
  • forksflashOh, I love my body. Nothing wrong with it. I'm saying that these pants didn't feel like they were made for girls with curves even though it says they were stretchy. I'd like to see a curvy girl wearing them. Not just showing thinner women. I can't fit into any of Old Navy's pants. I have a hard time finding pants in general.
  • st0v3s@forksflash I love these paints. I'm a size 16 and they fit nicely.
  • ninabeachPants 😍 @kellykekich
  • forksflashAww man @st0v3s! Something is wrong with my booty then or perhaps I grabbed a pair of pants that were mislabeled. I will try them again just to make sure, because I really, really want them.
  • 2stixobutter@forksflash I hear ya!! Sounds like we are similar sizes.... They either fit your body shape or they don't. I don't see these working for me sadly. Something to work towards maybe! 😉
  • danirezendee@decarezende já viu essas???
  • forksflash@2stixobutter yep. @jcpenney had super cute print and ankle pants last summer and I couldn't fit into any of those either. I can't exactly make my butt not fuller or tiny hips, I got them from my grandma. My mom always says I was blessed with those lady curve genes. I guess I could eat less carbs, but that's not fun. And I work out so...
  • 2stixobutter@forksflash I'm sure you are beautiful just the way you are! 😊 my hips don't lie and they ain't going anywhere! Especially after having kids! 😉 Luckily, in today's fashion world there is usually something for everyone!
  • vanessabakes@revolvito
  • suem04Agree ... Everyone is beautiful in their own way
  • retailbabe@sherlzthepearl @onatural22 hey check this out! He was with me few days ago!!! 😆😆😆
  • w_isforwhitney@laskundy pixie pants... bulldogs... Should we add her to the BFF list?
  • laskundy@weisenhauer7 And she's funny! she would fit right in.. Although I would never want to wear my pixies on the same day as her😳🐷⚓️
  • kristina.dekPixie pants? Lets try them on! @flylikeabeesophie
  • rosebombdotcom@sophiannrec I'm totally in spring fashion with my table cloth pants
  • ideallystyledYeah she does!!!
  • sxyprincess_phatassGo john
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