For St Patrick's Day, we're launching @Karoracosmetics ~ a line of Irish bronzers to help you glow! Find it on now!
  • ultabeautyFor St Patrick's Day, we're launching @Karoracosmetics ~ a line of Irish bronzers to help you glow! Find it on now!

  • karoracosmeticsOur #skincaring botanical bronzers deliver a colour match made in heaven !
  • kaylanicolesmakeup@dfost207 !!!!!!!
  • gracie.hogann😂😂😂 @tk12346
  • amymatt@lainab87 Irish bronzer?!? It's like they know me!!
  • karoracosmetics@mamasteph2009 @oobbyyy @amymatt the perfect faux glow for spring skin ladies - available now from 💜
  • sweettartsndaisiesThat's about as close as we Irish will ever get to being tan!
  • lsufan4lyfeSo .... Is it made especially for people with fair skin???
  • jennyjones12I just bought any and all @aftenshea hahahah
  • silverlocustsAs someone who is part Irish, "Irish bronzers" really cracks me up. My skin and bronze are like not even from the same planet.
  • karoracosmetics@lsufan4lyfe the range is suited to all skin types and of course fair Irish skin types catered for - products deliver custom colour that suits your skin tone!
  • karoracosmetics@meggymcschmeggy @kbeezknees we're empowering bronzers with #skincaring #selftan 👏
  • lsufan4lyfeThanks!
  • maisnailperfectionOh nice!
  • cowgirlfromhell666I glow with my Irish skin in the dark. Is this a spray? Lotion? Does it leave streaks? Is there a difference between bronzed and self-tanner.
  • karoracosmetics@cowgirlfromhell666 we've a spray - TINTED self tan mist (colour guide so you see exactly where you apply - this product lasts up to 7 days, with flawless fade), the EXPRESS bronzing mousse delivers same results BUT developing time is only 1-3 hours depending on if you want a light, med or dark shade (this means no dirtying the duvet sheets with long developing time!) - out lotion is a GRADUAL TAN (buildable daily moisturiser with a light colour) - does that help?? More info @
  • kbirlLOVE the express 1 hour mousse - bronzed brilliance in a flash 👍
  • cowgirlfromhell666Thank you!!!! That was very informative and helpful. I'm always concerned about the fading part. I don't want to look all splotchy. I'm very fair skinned and I can't tan to save my life. All I want is a bit of color to make me look alive. I tried a spray tan once and it was horrible! I've tried the gradual lotion by Jergens and it fades horribly and smells awful. Again thank you, can't wait to try it out!
  • karoracosmeticsOur #skincaring #selftan contains amazing botanical #aragan #jojoba #acaiberry that nurture your skin, ensuring a flawless gradual fade - start light for spring with the TINTED SELF TAN MIST light shade or our GRADUAL TAN if you want to build believable colour daily - shop now @ultabeauty for sunkissed spring skin -->
  • karoracosmetics@cowgirlfromhell666 see above !
  • karoracosmetics@amymatt you gota try it out girl!!! @jennyjones12 did you purchase from @ultabeauty which product did you try?
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