There are a lot of drunks in this city right now. Yellow+Blue=Green
  • nomnompaleoThere are a lot of drunks in this city right now. Yellow+Blue=Green

  • lanenecaLunes compro @miladiamondr 😘
  • paleotabsHowwwwwww?!? How did they do that??
  • jvdornerlol, it's not as bad outside of downtown, bit more subdued.
  • superfoodbysofieBeautiful photo!
  • deirdre__c@nomnompaleo that's not a very nice thing to say.
  • jodiodeeo@paleotabs they dye it every year for st paddys day. How fun you get to@be there @nomnompaleo !
  • paleotabs@jodiodeeo So fun. ... What do they use to dye it though?! Is it safe for the creatures living in the river?!
  • marzbars119@paleotabs it is eco friendly veggie dye.
  • paleotabs@marzbars119 Cool!! Thanks so much!!
  • adrianavjOne of my friends said the same thing and we're from Chicago, everyone wants to get drunk today
  • sue_waltonLove love love your recipes. If you need to WOD tomorrow Big City CrossFit would love to have you!
  • lachobbsHope you're enjoying Chicago! I promise we're not always this drunkenly rowdy :) PS- your posts yesterday inspired me & my husband to check out Eataly! It's like Epcot, but with high quality Italian food. Awesome :)
  • meliplaysclarinetI follow Buddy Valestro on Instagram and I have the same pic of the river from the both of you with the same time stamp! Did you see him? And yes paleo police...I watch cake boss.
  • mrsego83There is, but it one of the most fun times of year here, in my opinion! Hope you enjoyed yourself!!!
  • grassfedgirlFun!
  • kjharding123Hope you visit The Purple Pig! Best spot in Chi Town.
  • annagindorffI agree, Purple Pig is my favorite!!
  • jodiodeeo
  • ashleylisa1015@nomnompaleo I was there last weekend. Came home with a cold. 😥
  • mamaellenI grew up in Chicago! Love the green river!
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