Ive got a friend in Jesus! #revolutionoflove
  • madonnaIve got a friend in Jesus! #revolutionoflove

  • thesampoOr is it #conchitawurst
  • netteski01Amen#praisehisname
  • realtaureangirlMocker
  • itsashwhartoWhy would you do this to the one who died for you? Even though you've turned from him its not too late. Jesus still loves you.
  • danielorlandoacostaBendiciones!!!
  • madalina.andriesYou could be ironical of anything ... and you chose to laugh at Jesus ... you didn't choose any other person, concept or thing, but the most sacred person ever lived on Earth. The way you stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, as if you were His equal, when you actually should be kneeling and repenting. No, He is not your friend, a video with burning crosses shows who you are. You have used religious symbols to make fun of Christians, you had a sick video called Like a Prayer which reminds me of satanic riuals. you should look up to Him and worship Him, not pretend you are Christian. It makes me sick. You send contradictory messages - both satanic and Christian - to confuse people. You are a sick witch. Watch the black mass on SuperBowl -satanic, sick and anti Christian - everything was dark and black. You are the black priestess of music, the whore of babylon
  • woofmassagehahahaha hahaHAHAHALMAO LMAO Madalina shut the fuk up u crazy bitch!!!
  • woofmassagefuk ur christian respect!! u can lick my hole. Crazy morons. it's all made up! ! Fake as christian saying bless yr heart. lol
  • mids__88Your fucking crazy @woofmassage lonely old nasty fat man. Lol I can't wait for you to write back, make it entertaining please since you proved you a fucking psycho.
  • woofmassage@for_ali__88 wow thats a lot of assumptions based on nothing but then again that's why you people believe in god. You being black is also fantastic since whites inslaved blacks based on the bible. So defending christianity just makes u more of an uncle tom. Now please go and get some real education. So u can realize the delusion u been living in. Also there is help from recovering from religion. There's many organizations websites books wish you luck.
  • woofmassageFunny how a book of fantasies does not match up with reality. But you would need an education to know that. Like how all our dna does not go back to the jews or hebrews. Like things that happen in the bible there is no proof outside the bible. Great flood killing everyone no other culture even records a flood at all. There writings go str8 through this time. Not to mention 8 hebrews left over from ark could not have created blacks Egyptians and so on. Also not enough time since the pyramids were built soon after so called flood.
  • tonever76Tsi tsi tsi
  • avasoucyBitchhhh 😒 so disrespectful.
  • muninnthevalkyrieLOL
  • queenbea13Such a trashy bitch. You defile the name Madonna & were NEVER worthy of it. Mock Jesus this way? You should be ashamed.
  • drje3If you're a fan of Madonna like myself🎈these comments are SO DISRESPECTFUL.. If you're not a fan .. And can't Handle the head GET OFF my street! #confessionsonadancefloor ...Also .. Why would a picture with Jesus and the pope be ok, and not with @madonna ? Real fans of Madonna are not #dumb asses!
  • drje3Ops ...handle the heat!
  • looye_love_nameFACK YOU Jesus
  • alisadj_1You are right Madonna, Hes not there hes on his throne and his spirit loves you
  • wallacefernando88Hello
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