• sacramentokingsThroughout the season, Kings.com will highlight tales of Cap City Kingdom members' Sacramento Kings fandom. Today, the series continues with enthusiastic Kings fan @davehlav.

    #MyKingsJourney: I became a Kings fan because there was a Kings fan on my team at work that got me interested in the team. Ironically, I grew up in Lakers country, but was NEVER a Lakers fan. Once I began to learn about the game, I discovered the excitement of it and 2001 was just the right time to really get me hooked. I’ve been a Kings fan ever since. We got our first Cap City Kingdom membership this year and we’re really enjoying it. I’m almost always wearing some sort of Kings branded clothing. I take great pride in trying to promote the Kings through my daily actions. I’m proud to be a Kings fan, we are the best fans in the world. We bleed purple.
    Share your Kings story throughout the 2013-14 season & include #MyKingsJourney.

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  • connorburganWe should bring back all the amazing players we had on the kings in 2001-2002 and have them help assist with players. Well exept for hedo and gerald wallace
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